As well as the diesel powered induction heating generators, TESI manufacturers Static Induction Generators (IGBT) with 80kW to 320kW of output power, and Electric Motor Generators which are available in 2 power outputs, 110kW, 180kW.

All models are forced-air cooled and do not need any external cooling equipment.  This feature permits a compact structure and a very reliable system.

The units retain the same electronic logic control equipment of the diesel powered generators.

Furthermore, all electrical generators have fully automatic PF control and, as an option, the heat treatment software and 6 channel K type thermocouple recorder.


                   STATIC GENERATORS                     SHG - LHG - SHTG



80 kW

120 kW

160 kW

240 kW

320 kW

110 kW

180 kW

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