Repair system for damaged mill-applied PE coating.

Product description 
Covalence® PERP is a heat-applied patch which, in combination with mastic filler, offers an economically effective and high quality repair system for factory PE pipe coatings damaged mechanically during transportation, storage and laying of pipes. PERP, PERP80 and PERP60E are designed to repair the damaged areas on line coatings, mainly 2 or 3 layer PE. PERP60E is designed to repair the damaged areas on PE coated pipes used in high shear applications, such as directional drilling.

- Sleeves: are recommended for large damaged areas (see downloadable datasheet).

- Filler tape: is used to fill the break, thus restoring the mill-applied coating thickness of the pipe.

- Epoxy primer: is additionally used when reinstatement of the epoxy layer is required.

Construction: Two-layer or three-layer system
- First layer: Liquid epoxy, solvent-free two-component (optional).
- Second layer: Copolymer adhesive
- Third layer: Radiation cross-linked, high density polyethylene (unexpanded).



Product Datasheet

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