TESI induction heating generators are available either diesel or electrically driven units and in 4 power sizes.




The generators, controlled by a microcontrol-based electronic digital system that guarantees continuous and completely automatic monitoring, are the most advanced machines in the industry.

TESI generators are also self-protected, as their main parameters are constantly monitored via high quality sensors and dedicated software, thus preventing failures and assuring high reliability and low maintenance even in the most demanding conditions.  They can operate Onshore or Offshore.

Thanks to advanced technology, TESI generators can work either in pipeline construction, in the pre-weld pipe heating and field joint coating arena, or as precision heat treatment units. For heat treatment, the software manages a very precise temperature profile on the work piece.  The control system is very flexible, allowing different heating steps with ease of use and programmability.

The optimal ratio between power output and overall dimensions, and the rugged enclosures make TESI generators particularly suitable for the rough environments typically found in the pipeline construction field.

TESI generators can be operated from the main control panel, or remotely with the remote control included, as standard, on all models.



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