TESI Spa partecipate a Electrify Europe.



A new chapter opens up in the history of fairs in Europe dedicated to convergence in the fields of production and transmission and distribution of electricity.


Tesi will participate at Booth A-T01 exposing its range of products for the industrial lighting sector.

It will be a precious opportunity to deepen the technology and the advantages of high-energy ignition devices, portable igniters, ignition lances, testing kits and heavy duty retractable igniters.

In particular, compared to traditional ignition methods, Tesi high-energy ignition systems have a series of operational advantages:


- Possibility to ignite fuels that are difficult to ignite;

- Replacement of traditional pilot gas torches;

- Backflow systems that protect the tips from direct exposure to flames;


- Flexible rod to follow the angle of the main burners.

These elements translate into a significant reduction in operating costs and management of    the plant. In short, high-energy ignition systems provide a more reliable and cost-effective ignition, whether the fuel used is gas, diesel or heavy fuel oil.

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