District heating systems are largely used in Europe, and are gaining increasing popularity in other parts of the world, as they can provide greater efficiency and pollution control than boilers and other heating systems.

For an effective system, the temperature of the fluid flowing through the pipes (usually water and / or steam) must be constant in the entire pipe network.

Tesi distributes a wide range of Seal For Life Industrie innovative products, systems and services to isolate and seal the joints of district heating pipelines.

Seal For Life Industries is a total solution provider for jointing and sealing techniques in district heating. Covalence district heating product range includes: joint casings & sealing heat shrinksleeves (wraparound and tubular), foaming hole closures, end caps and sealants. 

In addition, Seal For Life has also designed products based on modern polymer technology for transmission pipelines and gas and water utilities. Millions of pre-insulated pipe joints have been sealed with Seal For Life products.


Reliable Installation
No matter what level of performance a joint sealing system displays, if it cannot be installed correctly and consistently it will fail. Installing heat-shrink sleeves is really very simple but it is still vital to ensure that every part of the sleeve receives a minimum amount of heat. We now incorporate a unique solution to this problem by supplying our sleeves with dimpled backing. These dimples vanish permanently on receiving the correct amount of heat thus providing a visual guide to the installer, and, most importantly, post installation proof to the coating inspector.





Unique materials
The outer backing layer is made from irradiated crosslinked high-density polyethylene (HDPE). It is expanded during the production phase. Heating it with a torch during installation returns it to its original dimension.• Even after several years of installation, the backing will not creep (loose its recovery force). This results in long-term, high-quality performance.• Due to the crosslinks, the backing can be heated over the melting point without any damage. This results in a safe and fast installation.
No special stocking requirements are necessary. No shelf life limitation. Since the products are expanded at elevated temperatures, they will not recover when lying in the sun during construction.

Built-in performance
It’s a well-known fact that most failures on pre-insulated pipes occur in the joint area. This is due to the repeated expansion and contraction during operation and can cause breakdown of the joint sealing systems.

The current edition of the European norm for joints of preinsulated pipes EN 489, stipulates that joint sealing components withstand a minimum of 100 cycles when tested for soil stress resistance using sand with max 0.5% humidity.

The adhesives (hotmelts and mastics) are developed and produced at Seal for Life. They are specifically designed for each application. The combination of backing and adhesives guarantees the quality of the total sealing system.