In order to facilitate the ignition of burners not equipped with their own ignition system, TESI designed and developed a portable ignition device.

Portable ignition devices are the best solution also to solve existing igniters failures or in case of emergency.
These systems provide High Energy sparks, suitable to ignite all kind of fuels even in tough applications.

The rechargeable battery pack is loaded by a built-in charger circuit fitted to the grid, through the SCHUKO plug cable supplied.


  • 3/4 sparks per second at 18 Joule per spark

  • Suitable to generate approx. 800 ignition cycles with a fully charged battery

  • SCHUKO plug power cable  provided with the unit

  • Built-in battery charger suitable for 110Vac and 230Vac

  • Multicolor LED battery charge status indicator (only for safe area units)

  • Wide range of accessories to facilitate the portable unit usage 


For futhere information please refer to the following datasheets: