About Us



We are innovation, reliability, quality. We are TESI and for over 40 years, we have been designing, manufacturing and distributing products and accessories for the Energy, Oil & Gas and chemical industries, both onshore and offshore. The wide range of solutions we offer today is the result of the synergistic and timely management of our three divisions:

Heat-shrinkable products, induced tension wraps, cold-applied and viscoelastic tape systems, liquid coatings and accessories for sealing and mechanical protection of pipelines and other types of infrastructure. A safe harbour in the seas of today’s market.

for heat treatments, welding, sandblasting and coating in pipeline construction, induction heating for other industrial applications. Whatever your goal is: with us you are sure to get the best quality.

Ignition systems
for industrial burners, flares for gas flaring and other combustion processes. Because dedication, passion and skills are not enough, it is in fact the use of the right tools to make an extraordinary work.

The continuous focus on research and development of new solutions, the full cooperation with customers, the efficiency and precision in the execution are the strengths that have enabled us to assert ourselves during these four decades. Moreover, a flexible structure and the ability to deeply understand our customers’ needs, make us a partner of excellence, able to operate worldwide with professionalism and reliability.

Challenging projects, flexible solutions

Our main goal is to ensure the complete satisfaction of each customer, providing first-class products and services that can respond to specific needs in a flexible, fast and customized way.

Thanks to our attention and commitment to product innovation and investments in research and development, we can ensure cutting-edge solutions, always aligned with the ever-changing market trends as well as the highest standards in design, reliability and safety in full compliance with current health and environmental regulations (including ISO 9001 Certification).

Actively present at international level, we design and manufacture our products by relying on a qualified team of skilled engineers and technicians, who are daily committed to provide a careful pre and after-sales service as well as technical assistance even on site.

Together, winning every technological challenge

We believe in the importance of providing reliable, unique and flexible solutions. We are partners of excellence able to grow continuously thanks to the fruitful collaboration with the customers who choose us. We also face the most difficult technological challenges the market subjects us to, in a careful and responsible way, paying great attention to the innovation and professionalism of our proposals, to the respect for the health and safety of people and the environments we operate in.

Specialization, innovation, reliability

Our customers and the trust they place in our products and services are the driving force behind the development of skills and abilities to achieve more efficient and effective solutions. There is no goal greater than a goal reached with the consciousness of those who, every day, put all their efforts into improvement.