Ethics and Quality

Health, safety, environment: continuous improvement is reality

In our business and relations with our stakeholders, we place particular emphasis on the respect for the fundamental human rights of workers, as defined in the UN International Conventions on Environmental Protection, on the attention to safety in workplaces and personal development.

Throughout the manufacturing process and along the entire added‐value chain, we are constantly committed to meet our customers’ quality requirements and to ensure maximum adherence to health, safety and environmental standards.

The success and the validity of each TESI product are based on a rigorous approach to quality, understood as a tool for continuous improvement and an element of competitiveness and absolute transparency.

ISO 9001 certified quality

We constantly carry out rigorous and accurate checks and tests, aware that during design, development, production and use of products, quality standards are crucial to success.
The attention we pay to quality, as manufacturer and supplier is also demonstrated by the certifications obtained, complying with international regulations and also with specifications of international players, concerning both process, product and service aspects.

ATEX, a further guarantee of excellence

Within the range dedicated to industrial ignition systems, there are products whose quality is further guaranteed by a certificate according to ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU, related to equipments and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. This specific directive defines the essential health and safety requirements and all those procedures for assessing conformity, to be applied before products are placed on the EU market.

Code of conduct, the beacon that illuminates the Group’s work

The Code of Conduct adopted by our Group has the common objective of representing a fundamental point of reference and a clear guide of conduct for those who work in the interest of the Company, both inside and outside the corporate organization.
The Code of Conduct represents and expresses the ethical values and operating principles that inspire the entire work of the company as instrument that testifies to TESI’s constant commitment to social responsibility.

A unicum in the certification landscape

According to Accredia statistics, the Italian Accreditation Body, Italy is today the leader in the European Union and second in the world in terms of ISO 9001 certifications achieved. This is a source of great satisfaction for our country, and even more for our Group, which has been able to embark on its own path towards a standard of excellence and safety since 1998, among the first to believe and obtain the fundamental certification with the serial number 9170.

IPLOCA members, to cooperate in sustainable future

With our Pipeline Equipment division, we are proud members of IPLOCA, the Association that gathers the most important global players in the onshore and offshore Oil & Gas sector. It is a prestigious international award and it is a further proof of the quality that sets us apart, but above all it is yet another guarantee of reliability for all our Partners