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Infrastructure integrity? Our corrosion protection coatings take care of it

The long experience in the field of corrosion protection coatings, which began with CANUSA-CPS in the early 80s of the last century and continued with product line COVALENCE® (ex RAYCHEM) by Seal For Life Industries from 2015, enables us to achieve every day the highest quality standards in the service of customers.

In fact, our Corrosion Protection division has gained significant knowledge in combating corrosive phenomena related to various types of metal infrastructure, both underground and above-ground.

The constant search for innovative materials combined with the latest technologies is our priority, always aiming to offer nothing less than excellence to customers. Our technological development has not been limited to mere product innovations, but continues to invest all the production processes of our factories with recent investments in automation and Industry 4.0.

Thus, today we can offer a wide range of high-performance protective coatings, able to meet the growing needs of an increasingly competitive industry. Know-how with deep roots in the present and an eye toward the future of our planet result into the search for new solutions for sustainable development, to prevent corrosion also in the renewable energy market.


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Automated equipment with high performance in terms of productivity, quality, repeatability, safety and reliability to build pipeline.

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Reliable, robust, safe, efficient solutions designed to minimize energy consumption and increase productivity in all processes that require heating

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Reliable, efficient and safe solutions to ignite and support industrial combustion processes.

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We are partners in corrosion prevention and sealing technologies. We help to identify and distribute the most suitable coating solutions for every need while preserving the value of the infrastructure over time.