Cold Applied Tapes

Product type

Single or multi-tape cold-applied coating systems.

Cold-applied polyolefin tape systems, installed both in the factory on coating plants and directly in field. They are used to protect pipelines against corrosion in various operating and environmental conditions around the world, both for new infrastructure and for the rehabilitation of existing ones. The main applications include coating of mainlines, girth welds, elbows, tees, fittings and special pieces from the simplest to the most complex shape. According to the chemical-mechanical properties required by the application, tape coating systems can consist of:

  • Single-tape or multi-layer systems, consisting of two or more tapes, solutions. In both cases with the possibility of combining a primer to be pre-applied on steel surface;
  • Liquid adhesive primer: butyl-based elastomers blended with polymer resins dissolved in an organic solvent system, if it’s necessary a better adhesion to the steel substrate and cathodic disbondment resistance.

The range is completed by mastic fillers, ideal for filling transition areas before applying coating tapes, dielectric paraffin bands (petrolatum tapes) to repair small gas leaks and manual equipment for winding tapes around the tube.

Product range

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Field-proven performance. Long term adherence even in moist conditions; resistance to UV aging, delamination and soil stress; flexible at low temperature.