Three-layer Heat-shrinkable Sleeve


Three-layers wraparound heat-shrinkable sleeve which replicates the structure and the performance of factory applied 3LPE mainline coatings. Three-layer system construction:

  • First layer: Liquid epoxy, solvent-free two-component.
  • Second layer: High shear strength copolymer adhesive.
  • Third layer: Radiation cross-linked, high density polyethylene with permanent Change Indicator (PCI).

During installation, the epoxy is applied to the prepared pipe surface and the heat-shrinkable sleeve is immediately wrapped around the joint over the wet epoxy. Heat is then applied to the sleeve which shrinks to form a tight fit around the joint. While curing, the epoxy forms strong mechanical and chemical bonds to the pipe surface & to the copolymer adhesive layer.
The cross-linked outer layer forms a tough barrier against mechanical damage and moisture transmission. If extra thickness is required over the weld bead, sleeve can be supplied with extra adhesive in the centre of the sleeve.




Max operating temperature

65°C (140°F)

85°C (185°F)

On request
Compatible main line coatings

PE, PP, FBE, Coal Tar, DFBE

PE, FBE, Coal Tar, DFBE

Min pre-heating temperature

70°C (158°F)

70°C (158°F)

Recommended surface preparation

Sa 2½

Sa 2½


EN 12068:

Class C50 UV

EN 12068:

Class C60 UV

Class C80 UV

ISO 21809-3

GASD Specification reference

A.07.10.02 REV.4



  • Fully resistant to shear forces induced by soil and thermal movements.
  • Sleeve applied over wet epoxy, allowing fast installation and formation of strong mechanical & chemical bonds.
  • Superior cathodic disbondment and hot water immersion resistance.
  • Fully reconstructs the coating of three-layer coated pipes.
  • Dimpled backing provides a “permanent change” indicator for application of heat.


  • The HTLP80-S is tough & lasts as long as a 3-layer, factory applied coating.
  • Allows fast application combined with high performance.
  • Offers the optimum barrier protection against corrosion.
  • HTLP systems allow three-layer coated pipelines to have a virtually monolithic coating system.
  • Dimpled backing allows easy post-heat inspection and offers a reliable inspectability at any time.
  • Gas and oil pipelines mainline coating rehabilitation and field joint coating.
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