Two-layer Heat-Shrinkable Sleeve

Two-layers wraparound heat-shrinkable sleeve, ready-to-fit assembly for the corrosion protection of field girth weld joints in distribution and transmission systems. It can also be used for coating bare, replacement pipe sections and large radius bends.

Two-layer system construction:

  • First layer: Visco-elastic butyl based low preheat sealing adhesive.
  • Second layer: Radiation-cross-linked, high density polyethylene with PCI (Permanent Change Indicator).

The installation is carried out directly on the cleaned and dried (preheated) pipe surface without any primer being required. During installation, the hss is wrapped and shrunk to form a tight fit around the joint. During recovery, the adhesive softens and flows to form a perfect bond with the pipe surface providing protection against corrosion. The radiation cross-linked outer layer forms a tough barrier against mechanical damage and moisture transmission.


Max operating temperature65°C (149°F)On request
Compatible mainline coatings

PE, PP, FBE, PU, Tape, Asphalt & Enamel

Min pre-heating temperature60°C (140°F)
Recommended surface preparation

ST2½ – ST3 or SA2½

Clean, dry and free of grease


EN 12068: Class B30,


GASD Specification referenceN/A



  • Low preheat sensitivity & proven functionality.
  • Superior cathodic disbondment and hot water immersion resistance.
  • Dimpled backing provides a “Permanent Change Indicator” (PCI) for application of heat.
  • No special equipment or skills required (standard gas torch & roller)
  • Mechanically strong & resists abrasion, impact and penetration.
  • Self-healing effect: sealing adhesive automatically flows and repairs minor mechanical damages.


  • No primer required. Makes installation fast and easy. Keeps installation costs low.
  • Ensures correct application of heat & allows easy post-heat inspection. Reliable inspectability at any time.
  • Reliable and tough. Remains user-friendly (even at low temperatures).
  • Gas and water distribution pipelines’ mainline coating rehabilation and field joint coating. Ideal for large diameter water pipe.
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