Induced-tension Polymer Wraps

ENVIRAWRAP™ – Multilayer polyurethanes wraps, elastic and reinforced, including an actively anticorrosive sealing layer which makes them applicable underwater or on wet surfaces. They are installed by induced-tension through the simple tightening of appropriate bolts, obtaining a permanent hoop tension which keeps the wrap firmly in place and perfectly adherent to the surface of the structure to be protected, eliminating residual moisture.
The installation is therefore simple, requiring minimal substrate preparation and without the aid of flames or particular tools. As same as for maintenance operations that are also fast: the simple temporary reopening of the wrap makes subsequent inspections possible.
Designed on the environmental condition’s basis of the place of installation, they are intended to last for the entire life cycle of the structures themselves.

    • Polyurethane outer layer.
      Highly resistant to abrasion and stable to UV rays. Long-term environmental external barrier.
    • Memory-enhanced polyamide reinforcing scrim.
      During installation, these scrims create sufficient hoop tension forces to withstand long-term creep, as well as hundred-year storms.
    • Polyurethane inner layer.
    • Polyester felt inner layer.
      Active corrosion inhibitors or biocides are pre-blended into a range of hydrophobic and thixotropic gels. These gels are factory-applied to the absorbent felt inner layer in quantities calculated to provide a service life of more than 25 years.
    • Hoop tension imposed in the tough, resilient outer skin forces the inner layer against the surface of the substrate, thereby causing the sealant and its corrosion inhibitor to form a close association with the substrate. The thixotropic nature of the sealant allows it to be exuded into any surface irregularities, thereby providing a seal and preventing the contact of oxygenated water against the structure to be protected.
  • Easy One-Piece Installation
    Full-length closure flanges are factory-fitted with corrosion-resistant self-threading fasteners.
  • Minimal Surface Preparation
    Hydrophobic, thixotropic, corrosion-Inhibiting gel flows to totally encapsulate and protect the substrate without the use of primers, fillers or tapes. The mechanical removal of marine growth and delaminated iron oxide is all that is necessary.
  • Tried-and-True Technology
    25+ years of providing inshore splash zone and underwater corrosion protection for piles, pipelines and risers. Projects have been execucted from northern waters to the tropics.
  • Environmentally Safe
    Residual elasticity within the multilayer fabric safely maintains the wrap in position and prevents leaching of the corrosion inhibitor into the environment.
  • Corrosion Rate Monitoring
    May be fitted with weight loss coupons or remote corrosion rate monitoring.
  • Custom-Made to Fit
    Suits any diameter from 50 mm to 3 meters. May be interlocked to accommodate any required protected length.
  • Built for the Toughest Environments
    Withstands the degradative influences of environmental UV, ozone and temperature variations.
  • Inspections Made Easy
    The wrap can easily be opened and resealed to allow for substrate inspection.
  • Repairs
    In the unlikely event of exterior damage, the wrap can be repaired by fitting another wrap over the damaged area.

ENVIRAWRAP enables durable corrosion protection for:

  • risers of offshore platforms;
  • piling of harbor piers, jetties and offshore wind farms;
  • field joints of water pipelines or large diameter penstocks, especially if it is necessary to restore the insulation during operation.
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