Visco-elastic Products

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Mouldable and self-healing coatings.

A fully amorphous, non-polar polyisobutylene based compound with excellent intrinsic corrosion prevention properties. It is impenetrable to water, oxygen and bacteria, the elements that cause corrosion. Unlike conventional coatings, it features liquid-like behavior to flow across, ensuring complete coverage of the entire coated surface, which does not change with time and retains its corrosion prevention properties intact.
It provides superior adhesive strength to most any surface (steel pipe or existing coating) through a permanent molecular bonding with the substrate. It will flow and adhere even in the coldest working environments and will self-heal in case of minor damage.
These coatings offer the most resource-efficient and costeffective anti-corrosion solution from a total project life perspective due to their minimal surface preparation requirements, safe and simple application techniques, no blasting and hazardous materials disposal and no ageing leading to minimized maintenace costs.

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The sustainable coating solution

Long term protection with low spending resources, thanks to the minimal surface preparation requirements and application techniques, the absence of hazardous materials disposal, the absence of ageing.