Ignition systems

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Failing burner start-up? You can lose time and money or you can rely on us.

The proposed solutions are designed and manufactured by our Ignition Systems division, all perfectly able to ensure a reliable ignition of the combustion process, even in the most severe conditions.

High humidity, temperature, corrosion, pressure, durability: we provide the necessary tools for each requirement that distinguish every combustion process.

The main focus is to improve the efficiency of burners installed on industrial plants such as thermal power plants, LNG plants, incinerators, refineries and others, providing special execution igniters, offering the widest range of solutions available on the market and customized solutions so that the objectives of efficiency, reliability and safety are successfully achieved. 


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Pipeline equipment

Automated equipment with high performance in terms of productivity, quality, repeatability, safety and reliability to build pipeline.

Induction heating equipment

Reliable, robust, safe, efficient solutions designed to minimize energy consumption and increase productivity in all processes that require heating.

Corrosion protection

Corrosion protection coatings with high performance in order to preserve the infrastructure integrity over time.

We have the ideal solution for every fuel

Liquid fuel or low-cost fuel, our products always ensure immediate and reliable ignition.