Devices for Flares

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Efficient and safe solutions for Gas Flaring.

TESI proposes a very innovative solution, based on High Energy technology, suitable to ignite all kind of flares: ground flares, elevated flares and offshore flares.
Since flares systems are responsible for the disposal of process gas (Gas Flaring) in refineries and petrochemical plants, they need to be fitted with an extremely reliable ignition system that ensures instant flare ignition on demand. Failing flare ignition always means a huge loss of money.

TESI designs igniters suitable for flares, focused on the following criteria:

  • Ignition Unit specifically designed to provide a good spark at very long distances, up to 500 m.
  • The Ignition Cable is designed to withstand high temperatures and severe environmental conditions.
  • Ignition Circuit special housing filled with resin, 100% waterproof.
  • The quick and easy connection, without any special use of tools, the ignition cable and the ignition electrode, allows operators to carry out easy and safe maintenance.
  • High temperature and 100% waterproof design of the High energy electrode always guarantees the best spark performance.
Product range

Technical advice and development of customized solutions for your plant

Powerful and reliable solution for ignition of fuels from very long distances. Spark energy of 18 J.

Remote ignition and for any environment

Systems designed to provide a powerful spark at long distances and to withstand the most aggressive environments.