Ignition Module


TESI ignition modules are primarily intended for installation in electrical panels to ignite ground and elevated flares.
They are specifically designed to provide a good spark at very long distances, with a power supply cable up to 500 m long.
The housing is filled with resin, in order to ensure waterproof performance under all conditions, which is particularly important in outdoor applications.
The positioning of the flares typically requires the ignition units power supply to be installed far from the ignition rod. This often makes it difficult to generate a powerful spark, because of the lenght of the power supply cable.
Since flares systems are responsible for the disposal of process gas in refineries and petrochemical plants, they need to be fitted with an extremely reliable ignition system that ensures instant flare ignition on demand.


Power supply115 – 230 Vac 50 / 60 Hz
Output voltage1000 VDC
Output energy18 J / spark
Spark frequency2 sparks / s
Housingexplosion-proof enclosure; safe area enclosure
Flame detectionthermocouple option; ionization option
  • Specifically designed to provide a powerful spark at very long distances, up to 500m.
  • Ignition Circuit special housing filled with resin, making it 100% waterproof.
  • Compact design, space-saving dimensions for easy placement and installation on a mounting plate.
  • Very simple wiring
  • Convenient and fast replacement, even with the plant in operation.
  • Suitable to operate in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Flare ignition for the disposal of process gas in refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, offshore platforms (Gas Flaring).

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