High Voltage Devices

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Ignition solutions by voltaic arc.

High Voltage ignition devices “HV” represent the cheapest ignition system available, thanks to its simple construction. They take advantage of the high voltage output from a transformer, generally 6000 / 8000 V, to generate in air an electric arc at low power, about 150 / 300 W. The igniter that generates the spark is often a simple spark plug mounted inside the burners, i.e. a ceramic insulated electrode.
TESI manufactures a wide range of High Voltage igniters, also in explosion-proof execution.
These simple systems are indicated to ignite mainly gas fuels, they do not fit to high thermal stresses and do not tolerate the presence of humidity and unburnt substances between the electrode terminals. Therefore they are not suitable to ignite liquid and low-flammable fuels.

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Technical advice and development of tailor-made solutions for your plant

Entry level ignition: economical and reliable

The simplest and cheapest solution to ignition problems. They are indicated in the presence of highly flammable fuels.