Ignition Accessories

Product type

Accessories for superior reliability, efficiency and flexibility.

A range of accessories suitable for use in combination with ignition devices, increasing their reliability, efficiency and flexibility.
To prevent damage to the electrode tips from flames and corrosive atmospheres (e.g. in sulfur burners), TESI develops an electro-pneumatic device that allows the spark tip retraction in a protected area of the combustion chamber once sparking is finished. This retractor can be easily mounted on standard ignition lances. On request are available special executions, certified for HAZARDOUS AREAS (ATEX, IECEx, etc.).
To make the ignition electrodes suitable for tilting burners, special designs with flexible portion are available. Available on request, special execution flanges and adjustable sliding fittings to facilitate the positioning of the igniters inside the burner.
Wide selection of spark push buttons and safety interlock switches to make ignition operations easier and safer.
On request, we also supply special ceramic insulators according to your drawing.

Product range

Technical advice and development of tailor-made solutions for your plant

On demand, we integrate customizations to the standard

To complete the standard products, a rich series of accessories with the aim of making their use easier and more effective.