Wall mounted High Energy Devices

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Ignition solutions by capacitive discharge.

The High Energy “HE” ignition devices, or by capacitive discharge, exploit the particular features of a power amplifier circuit equipped with capacitors, capable of generating intermittent sparks with an energy of several Joules per second.
The regular spark generation by these devices is not affected by the presence of dirt, unburnt or humidity on the electrodes. This is due to the presence of a semiconductor sealing element interposed between the electrodes of the igniter inserted into the burner.
High Energy ignition devices are the most suitable solution to ignite low-flammable fuels, even liquid fuels.
Given their high power, they can often replace the use of pilot torches and directly ignite the main burners.
TESI has developed a wide range of High Energy power unites with different spark frequencies and different values of energy supplied to provide the best performance required by the various industrial burners available on the market. Recently, TESI has introduced a new and innovative system in its High Energy ignition product range: the Solid State spark gas circuit. Thanks to state of the art technology, this 100% electronic system is the most powerful ignition device available on the market.


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Ignition even in the harshest environments

Ignition systems completely indifferent to liquids, moisture and dirt. Resistant to high temperatures and corrosive environments.