Induction Heating Equipment

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Heat treatments? Efficiency starts here.

Today we can offer the best on the market thanks to the long experience in the induction heating field, started more than 30 years ago with the production of heat treatment equipment in the construction site machinery industry for pipelines construction and to continued expansion into different industrial applications.

Our Induction Heating Equipment division designs and manufactures reliable, robust, safe and efficient induction heating solutions for several market segments around the world. 

Every single solution is meticulously designed to minimize energy consumption and increase productivity.

Most of them are also tailor-made according to customer specifications and can fit any industrial process requires heating, like in sectors such as oil and gas, shipyards, power generation, cables and wires, pipes and tubes, heat treatments. 

Our approach, involving the continuous construction and innovation of induction heating systems, has enabled us to obtain several international patents. 


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Pipeline equipment

Automated equipment with high performance in terms of productivity, quality, repeatability, safety and reliability to build pipeline.

Corrosion protection

Corrosion protection coatings with high performance in order to preserve the infrastructure integrity over time.

Ignition systems

Only the most reliable, efficient and safe solutions to ignite and support industrial combustion processes.

Efficiency in total safety

Heating of materials at an unimaginable rate compared to traditional systems. High precision and unmatched efficiency, avoiding any contact with the treated surface.