Induction Bolt Expansion Equipment

The induction heating system for bolts expansion on high-pressure turbines is now an essential tool, both for first assembling and for subsequent maintenance operations, and adopted by all the major world manufacturers but also by maintenance technicians and service companies.
Conventional systems, such as electrical resistance or open flame torches, are inefficient, expensive, unsafe and therefore no longer used for this application.
The system consists of a portable induction heating generator and an induction coil designed according to the geometry of the bolts. The inductor, which incorporates the output transformer, has the possibility to change the coil head in order to accommodate different entrance angles.
Parameters such as temperature, heating speed, holding temperature are controlled by the induction heating inverter and can be modified depending on the bolt material.
The Induction heat applied in specific areas of the bolt causes pre-calculated expansion and makes easy tightening or removing nuts. The speed and accuracy of the process prevents any risk of damage to the bolt threads, the most delicate part, and locates heat only in the areas that need to be treated, thus avoiding any possibility of unwanted melting.

  • Fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual control options.
  • It replaces systems that are inefficient, expensive, unsafe like electrical resistance or open flame.
  • Pre-settable operating parameters calibration so that the operator is quickly ready and the bolts brought into thermal expansion in a few seconds.
  • Quickly interchangeable induction coil assembly/tool.
  • Single or multiple inductor for low to medium productivity.
  • Single or double generator output connection to allow the work of two operators simultaneously.
  • Maximum generator output power of 40kW for each output connection.
  • Length of connection cables between output transformer and generator up to 10 meters, in order to easily reach the bolts.
  • Operator touch screen HMI interface with temperature control feedback.

The advantages of using induction heating for bolts expansion are many:

  • Localised heating of the areas to be expanded only.
  • Faster heating cycles.
  • Repeatability of consistent results.
  • Extremely efficient process and 100% safe for the operator.
  • Energy consumption savings.
  • Very simple system and personnel can be trained in few hours.
  • Prevents any risk of damage to the bolt threads.

Induction heating for bolt expansion is used on high-pressure turbines of power plants, chemical plants, and oil and gas refineries.

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