Induction Brazing Equipment

Induction brazing is a process by which two metal parts, of the same or different materials, are joined by a filler of an alloy with a lower melting point. This alloy is heated to its melting point by means of an induction coil powered by an induction heating generator. In the liquid state, the alloy drowns capillary into the parts to be joined and, solidifying, welds them together.
The typical induction brazing system consists of:

  • Induction heating generator
  • Induction coil
  • Chiller
  • Connection cables and hoses

Both the generator power range and the induction coil shape are selected and decided in accordance with the type of application and the productivity required by customer. The induction brazing solutions available can range from compact systems, to portable systems till automated production lines complete with handling by robots.

  • Fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual control options.
  • It replaces the labor intensive flame braze operation.
  • Faster heating cycle times and reduced costs of brazing in silver alloy.
  • Quickly interchangeable induction coil assembly/tool.
  • Single or multiple inductor for low to medium productivity.
  • Full PLC control and management of work cells.
  • Operator touch screen HMI interface with temperature control feedback.
  • Controlled cooling and quenching.
  • Optional controlled atmosphere for clean brazing.

The advantages of using induction heating for brazing processes are many:

  • Localised heating of the areas to be brazed only.
  • Excellent joint quality.
  • Reduction of joint oxidation.
  • Reduction of solvent cleaning processes.
  • Faster heating cycles.
  • Repeatability of consistent results.
  • Adaptability to large volume production.
  • Energy consumption savings.

Induction brazing is used for a wide range of applications in different sectors:
Compressor’s components, chillers, air conditioner’s parts and more.

We supply systems for the electromechanical industry to braze generator and transfomer components.

In the automotive industry, brazing is used on exhaust pipes or brake parts.

The aerospace industry uses brazing on turbine blades or hydraulic system parts.

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