Induction Coating Removal Equipment

An induction heating system for the removal of anti-corrosive paints and coatings that is extremly more functional and efficient than traditional mechanical abrasion systems.
Traditional methods involve intensive manual labor, require collection of abrasive media or contaminants and also the separation of the removed material for disposal. All these mandatory operations increase and sometimes overcome the total costs of the coating removal operation, making the process extremely expensive.
By using an induction system, the only operation required is the collection of the removed coating which, usually, can be done with common vacuum systems.
Coating removal is carried out easly, quickly and very efficiently: the inductor delivers heat in the steel substrate; the heat generated in localised areas causes the sudden temperature increase and the coating disbonds, almost peeling off the steel in flakes. The coating is then stripped completely without disintegrating and completely free of contaminants, i.e. solvent grit. The induction heating system can remove asbestos, lead and toxic coatings without compromising the health of workers or of the environment. It allows the stripping of high-build coatings and paintings of any thickness and generates reductions in time required for the operation up to 90%. It can be used in different modes, from automatic or semi-automatic for repetitive cycles, to manual for spot-heating. Also It’s silent and environmental friendly as it leads to a high reduction in energy consumption.


  • Fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual control options.
  • It replaces the labor intensive mechanical abrasion.
  • Faster heating cycle times and reduced costs compared to mechanical abrasion.
  • Quickly interchangeable induction coil assembly/tool.
  • Single or multiple inductor for low to medium productivity.
  • Full PLC control and management of work cells.
  • Operator touch screen HMI interface with temperature control feedback.

The advantages of using induction for coating removal processes are many:

  • It is the easiest and fastest method to strip existing coatings or paints.
  • Removes any coating from steel structures of different shapes.
  • Localised heating of only the areas from which the coating is to be removed.
  • It is clean and does not produce dust.
  • The system is very silent and can be used in congested urban areas.
  • Faster heating cycles.
  • Repeatability of consistent results.
  • Energy consumption savings.
  • Easy and cost-effective management of waste disposal and recycling compared to conventional methods.
  • Total safety for operators.
  • Total compliance with eco-compatibility regulations.

The fields of application are many, from pipelines to shipbuilding, from storage tanks to bridges, buildings and offshore.
This system is also used for coating repair: for example, when the coating of a field joint is made with an obvious defect or when it is not approved by QA/QC inspectors, the coating laying supplier on site is responsible for repairing the field joint.

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