Induction Pipeline Construction Equipment

Our experience has grown and expanded within various industrial sectors, but it was born and excels in the pipeline construction industry. Induction heating is a complex technology, since there are several factors that can influence the process, but applied to the pipeline construction it faces even more critical issues due to the extremely severe environmental conditions in which projects are usually carried out.
TESI can count on a team with long experience and deep knowledge of this technology. Our professionals and equipment are renowned among the most important international contractors and engineering companies, for high quality service and performance.
Our automated machines and equipment are designed to meet diverse and appropriate requirements for Onshore, Offshore and Spoolbase projects, as well as the high level of reliability required by pipeline contractors.
We supply a series of Induction Heating Generators with different power range to adapt to any type of application:

  • Self-powered induction generators (DIESEL)
  • Electric motor driven Induction generators (CONVERTER)
  • Static induction generators (INVERTER)

We couple the latter with specifically designed Induction Heating Coils to make the most of their performance and obtain the best result required by the application.

We can integrate the demagnetizer to the complete induction heating system, to remove any type of residual magnetism.

We can manufacture complete induction heating systems for classic handling using cranes, overhead cranes, manipulator robots or compacting in containerized induction heating systems.

The advantages of using induction heating in pipeline construction are:

  • Localised heating of the areas to be treated only.
  • Faster heating cycles.
  • Increase in daily production.
  • Repeatability of consistent results in processing.
  • Extremely efficient process and safe for the operator.
  • Minimization of personnel needed on site.
  • Energy consumption savings.

Our equipment are designed for the complete execution of welded field joints in pipeline construction. Induction heating is applied for welding preheating, coating preheating and heat treatments on the weld seam.

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