Induction Straightening Equipment

Straightening of decks and bulkheads in the shipbuilding industry is a very long process, due to the size of the beams that need to be treated. The use of induction heating systems for this application has led to an 80% reduction of operation time compared to conventional systems.
The induction heating straightening system has been used worldwide by major shipbuilding companies for over a decade. The operation of the system takes place inducing eddy currents through the plates to be treated, that cause a rapid heating in a restricted area. As these zones cool down, the material around shrink equally in every direction causing the straightening of the plates.
The induction straightening system consists of:

  • Induction heating generator.
  • Chiller
  • Chiller Control unit
  • Capacitor rack
  • Induction head
  • Connection cables
  • Operator panel
  • Container 10ft

The induction head is wheel mounted so it can be easily moved from area to area. On it is also mounted the output transformer and a magnetic plate that is used to hold fixed the position during heating.

  • Fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual control options.
  • It replaces traditional systems that are not very efficient and have very long operation time.
  • Very short heating cycle times and reduced costs thanks to the high efficiency of the system.
  • Available generator power of 40 kW or 80 kW.
  • Quickly interchangeable induction coil assembly/tool.
  • Full PLC control.
  • Controlled cooling.
  • Operator touch screen HMI interface with temperature control feedback.
  • Pre-settable operating parameters calibration so that the operator is quickly ready and the material brought at target temperature in few seconds.

The advantages of using induction heating for straightening are many:

  • Localised heating of the areas to be treated only.
  • No need to heat simultaneously both sides of treated plates. The operator can work just from above, avoiding risks of working in confined spaces (e.g. under deck areas).
  • Dramatically reduced operation time of 80% comparing with conventional systems.
  • Faster heating cycles.
  • Repeatability of consistent results.
  • Adaptability to large volume production.
  • Energy consumption savings.
  • Very simple system and personnel can be trained in few hours.
  • The system is very silent so that operators can operate without get any hearing ailment.
  • Extremely efficient process and 100% safe for the operator.
  • Reduced environmental impact.

Induction heating for straightening is used in various industries such as on decks and bulkheads in shipbuilding, in the construction industry to straighten steel beams, increasingly in the railway industry for construction and repair of locomotives and all rolling stock vehicles used for heavy goods transport.

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