TESI: Checkmate to corrosion!

TESI: Checkmate to corrosion!

Giorgio Dones, Corrosion Protection Manager and Davide Marchesi, Pipeline Equipment Manager of TESI GROUP explain how to fight and defeat pipeline corrosion, keeping it in check like the smartest Magnus Carlsen’s move,  in an interesting article published in the June issue of World Pipelines magazine.

From a detailed analysis of the various aspects of the long-standing till the innovative proposals that TESI has been providing to the industry for years including Seal for Life‘s high-performance product Covalence for which TESI is the official distributor, as well as AutoBLAST, an automatic field joint blasting machine for perfect application of the corrosion protection coating, up to the ultimate automatic machine for finishing and packaging of heat-shrinkable sleeves, interconnected and remotely manageable. A great example of applied industry 4.0 that TESI used, with excellent results, in the SNAMTAP Interconnection“ project.

The complete article and pictures are available with the free download here below.

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