TESI GROUP took part in the Lombardy Region’s AL VIA – POR FESR 2014-2020 call for proposal

TESI GROUP took part in the Lombardy Region’s AL VIA – POR FESR 2014-2020 call for proposal

AL VIA in Italian means “something that is starting, the departure, the beginning” and it has a sense of renewal and determination. AL VIA is also an acronym and it stands for Agevolazioni Lombarde per la Valorizzazione degli Investimenti Aziendali: a series of facilities and subsidies from Lombardy region to enhance business investments of the small and medium-sized enterprises. AL VIA – POR FESR 2014-2020 is a concrete way and an opportunity to improve innovation and competitiveness.

A push forward that TESI GROUP has made its own, obtaining funding for three important projects:

  1. Project for the Corrosion Protection Division

Design and construction of an automatic machine for finishing and packaging of heat-shrinkable sleeves, interconnected and remotely manageable, which allows to achieve high quality standards and improve lead time to customers. A concrete example of Industry 4.0, which guarantees maximum compliance with the tolerances imposed and operates with complete traceability of the cutting to size, pre-attachment of the closure patch, packaging and labelling processes. All these activities in compliance with the most stringent quality and safety regulations. TESI GROUP is the only player all over the world to have manufactured and put into operation this fully customized high performance machine.

  1. Project for the Ignition Division

Construction of a special machine for cutting the braid of a armoured cable, which makes it possible to eliminate the work currently carried out by hand. The possibility of entrusting the execution of these operations to a machine makes the entire process much safer, while improving the quality and precision of the work.

  1. Quality System Project

Purchase of a Quality System management software allowing a more accurate traceability of documents, an immediate use of data and an intuitive and simple search of them. Digitization aims to reduce paper documentation by supporting a more efficient and environmentally sustainable flow of information.

Quality, efficiency, safety and sustainability: these are the pillars of our group in its growth path.