Pipeline equipment

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Building pipelines? Our reliability is unique, our solutions are multiple.

Drawing on the experience in the field of pipeline construction machinery, started more than 30 years ago with the production of heat treatment equipment, for field joints welding preheating and coating preheating, our evolution has steadily expanded in more processes in the various phases of the construction.

Today, our Pipeline Equipment division designs and supplies automatic equipment for the complete execution of pipeline field joints worldwide.

Our solutions for welding and coating preheating, welding, heat treatments on welding seam, sandblasting and coating, increase the daily production, minimize the personnel needed on site and significantly improve the quality and repeatability of the work.

Most of our solutions are customized and meet customer’s request in terms of performance, safety and reliability.

Finally, we develop solutions for pipeline construction, boasting several international patents.


Technical advisory and development of customized solutions for each project


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Ignition systems

Only the most reliable, efficient and safe solutions to ignite and support industrial combustion processes.

Induction heating equipment

Reliable, robust, safe, efficient solutions designed to minimize energy consumption and increase productivity in every process that requires heating.

Corrosion protection

Corrosion protection coatings with high performance in order to preserve the infrastructure integrity over time.

The user, at the core of our technologies

The avant-garde must necessarily pass from the simplicity and comfort dedicated to users. Our field equipments are all designed with a high level of automation, but without exasperation, allowing users to work even in semi-automatic mode. In complete safety.