FBE Powder Ring

Device for the application of epoxy coating on pipeline field joints. Rotating around the pipe, it delivers epoxy powder and is able to restore the coating with features equivalent to the parent coating.
The FBE Powder ring is part of the AutoCOAT epoxy coating system with features applicable to a wide range of field operations, including but not limited to, land lines, spoolbases and offshore pipelaying projects. The complete system consists of four main parts: the Fluid Bed dispenser, the FBE Umbilical cable, the remote control and the FBE Powder ring in fact, which is the equipment that surrounds the pipe and rotates around it by spraying the epoxy powder on the pipe surface. It is the modular component of the system as it can be replaced according to the pipe diameter and the field joint width to be coated.
It consists mainly of a longitudinal structure, in insulating material, on whose ends are fixed the two pairs of shoulders each equipped with: pneumatic actuators and sensors to allow a safe opening, closing, locking and unlocking of the FBE powder ring on the pipe; electric actuators, sensors and traction components that make the FBE powder ring move around the pipe.
In the central part, between the pairs of shoulders and one diametrically opposite to other, the two FBE spay heads are installed. The latter are designed to obtain the best performance on the market: custom shaped, equipped with adjustable and interchangeable nozzles.

Pipe diameter:8” – 48″; other sizes on request
Coating width: 280 – 500 mm; other sizes on request
Nominal coating thickness: specifications)~25 – 40 μm / turn per spary head (ajustable according to project
Rotation speed:~5 rpm (adjustable according to project specifications)
Power supply:380 – 440 Vac, 50 / 60 Hz
Compressed air pressure:7 kg/cm2

Increased process safety:

  • Opening, closing and latching are pneumatically operated.
  • The latching system hold the FBE powder ring closed on the pipe even in the event of the emergency pushbutton has been pressed.
  • The open and close commands are controlled by tilt switches so that it is only possible to open the powder ring when it’s in the correct position, preventing possible operator injuries and damage to the equipment.
  • Overtemperature protection system for the safety of the duty cycle.

Calibration according to project specifications:

  • Adjustable rotation speed.
  • Interchangeable FBE spray heads according to the coating width required and adjustable on the desired coating applied thickness per turn.
  • High temperature wheels with adjustable traction.

General benefits:

  • Repeatable quality.
  • Reduced labor requirements.
  • Improved accuracy of application.
  • Improved overlap area quality.
  • Field Joint Coating onshore.
  • Field Joint Coating offshore.
  • Field Joint Coating spool base.
  • Field Joints of CWC coated pipelines.
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