Connection cables & hoses

Product type

Power supply cables and process tubes to connect equipment parts.

With over tens of thousands of pipeline construction equipment already produced, our products are widely used in projects all over the world.
It is not rare for TESI machines to be purchased second-hand from our customers and we are contacted by third parties for reconditioning services. The latter also group incomplete TESI equipment, for new construction projects, or originally designed for projects with different requirements and recurrently encounter the need for new wiring and other connections to connect all the components of the complete system.
No problem, we have solutions of cables and connection hoses for our equipment in various configurations and able to solve the problem.

Product range

Technical advice and development of tailor-made solutions for your project

Machine connections, never been easier

Overcoming the obstacle of connection incompatibility between the components of the complete system, is never a problem by relying on us.