Converter Induction Generators

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Main power supply converter generators for induction heating processes

Electric motor driven induction heating generators, also known as converters, are similar to endothermic engine generators but, instead of a diesel engine, they are driven by an electric motor.
Converters are very reliable, stable and very compact machines, particularly suitable for heavy-duty applications such as offshore and spool-base applications.
The system consists of:

  • Electric motor
  • High frequency alternator
  • Control system
  • Heavy Duty soundproof cabin.

The electric motor, rigid coupled with the alternator, is installed in a soundproof cabin, designed to ensure proper cooling and keep the motor-alternator running within the correct operating parameters.
Inside a stainless steel panel, fixed to the soundproof cabin, there is the control system consisting of the power circuit and the command and management electronics (CRI® control board).
The CRI® control board makes the use of the machines extremely simple, does not require extremely specialized operators and allows TESI field service to diagnose any breakdown and give timely support even remote.
The CRI® control board manages the operating routines, adjusts all the machine parameters and automatically identifies the induction heating coil which the generator is connected to and modulates the voltage and current parameters until the best calibration is obtained between the coupled generator and inductor.
These generators are available in different power range: 110 and 180kW.
Furthermore, they are pre-set according to the environment in which they’ll operate (arctic or tropical environments, environments at sea level or altitude) and can be equipped with accessories such as auxiliary electrical sockets and compressed air system.

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The sturdiness needed for heavy-duty applications

Very reliable, stable and very compact machines, able to operate in the most severe environments as typical as offshore applications.