Induction heating Coils

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High performance induction heating coils, specifically designed per application and coupled generator.

Induction heating is a preliminary process for other processes. The material or workpiece is heated to the required temperature, and upon reaching the thermal condition target, the main process can take place. The processes that require preheating are different; in pipeline construction, pre-heating is used prior coating and welding processes. We have a team of specialists with very long experience in design and construction of induction heating coils for the most varied applications.
We design and manufacture any type of induction heating coil. Rigid or flexible inductors, air-cooled or water-cooled, new or reconditioned, small or jumbo.
In addition, we design inductors for induction heating systems of other brands or, alternatively, we offer revamping services of existing inductors, increasing their efficiency and productivity.
But TESI imduction heating coils powered by TESI induction heating generators are the most efficient combination for any heating process, thanks to our particular attention to every detail of every component of the system.
Design and testing are the longest stages of the production process, because every coil must be rigorously tested to ensure compliance with the required performance.
These tests require specific equipment and qualified personnel that TESI have available in its network of labs and workshops.

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Technical advice and development of tailor-made solutions for your project

Maximum flexibility, maximum performance

We design and manufacture induction heating coils with any type of design, depending by the application. Starting from the power source, we carefully take care of this final component so that the entire system performs at its best.