Induction Heating & Demag Integrated Systems

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Integrated demagnetization and induction heating systems.

An innovative system to combine the two processes of welding demagnetization and pre-heating in a single product. It removes any type of residual magnetism, regardless of whether it’s located superficially or deep in the wall thickness, or whether it’s homogeneous or irregular magnetism.
Residual magnetism is by nature difficult to identify, which is why conventional demag systems do not always work and cannot prevent arc blow during welding process.
TESI demagnetizer consists of:

  • Gauss detection system.
  • Magnetization system
  • Demagnetization system

The strength of the magnetic field is detected by a Hall effect probe that is embedded into the demagnetization and pre-heating inductor. The detected value is sent to the CPU which calculates the required DC output. At this point the inductor is powered by this current that quickly magnetizes all the metal under it in the direction detected by the Hall probe, and then reverses the current direction to demagnetize it.
In this way the residual magnetism is removed and the welding process can be performed without problems.
The DEMAG system by TESI is integrated with the induction heating generators and the demagnetization cycle is synchronized with the pre-heating welding cycle. The two processes are performed using the same induction coil, without the need to change connections or settings.
The demagnetization and pre-heating coils are made for classic handling by crane, overhead crane or with interface for manipulator robot.

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The technology of two processes in one

Demagnetization and preheating systems have been conceived specifically for pipeline applications and designed to combine these two processes into a single product.