Inverter Induction Generators

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Main power supply frequency modulator generators for induction heating

Static induction heating generators (Inverters) today are the most advanced and reliable solution on the market regarding induction heating devices. They are suitable for such a wide range of applications that allows them to be used for thermal processes on any type and shape of conductive material.
Static induction heating equipment include frequency conversion modules, a resonant capacitor module, a load matching module, control system, and operator interface.
The IGBT technology, used in static induction heating systems, makes them very flexible and virtually suitable for any kind of induction heating application.
The automatic output frequency optimization system keeps the output power perfectly in phase as the load changes during the different heating cycles (Automatic Load Matching).
Static induction heating generators are designed to guarantee the customer’s production system with the highest levels of productivity, quality, safety and comfort for the operator, pursuing maximum energy efficiency.
They are available in different power sizes: 80, 120, 160, 240, 360 kW.
They are also divided into different configurations:

  • Low frequency systems
  • Medium frequency systems
  • High frequency systems
  • Multi-frequency systems
  • Custom systems

Our team of specialists, based on the application and customer expectations, identifies the best applicable configuration and suggests the most accurate turn-key solution.
The induction heating coils, which thermal energy is transferred through to the piece has to be treated, are custom designed in accordance with the required productivity and operating conditions.

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Technical advice and development of tailor-made solutions for your project

Huge potential in a compact design

The absence of rotating mechanical components and the forced draft air cooling allow to concentrate all the best electrical and electronic technology in a compact structure.