Automatic Blasting

Product type

Automatic blasting system for field joints.

To obtain a correct application of the selected field joint coating product in accordance with the various concerning standards, such as DNV-RP-F102, the abrasive blasting of the surface in the field joint girth welded area assumes significant importance.
Automatic blasting systems are designed for industrial use and can be applied in a wide range of field operations such as pipelaying projects onshore, offshore and even spool base.
Once the system is calibrated, the final result is of guaranteed quality regardless of weather conditions and operator experience level.
TESI’s complete AutoBLAST system includes:

  • Automated frame with combined vacuum blast nozzles;
  • Blasting recovery unit;
  • Umbilical cable (abrasive grit & suction hoses + electrical cables);
  • Command and control panel with PLC;
  • Remote control.

Once the field joint girth weld area is perfectly blast cleaned, it is ready to be heated by induction heating equipment and subjected to coating application process, liquid or powder (FBE), in order to restore continuity with the mainline pipe coating (main or parent coating) previously factory applied.
The automatic blasting systems are designed to be moved by the most common lifting systems, but can also be customized for handling by manipulator robots.

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Systems designed for abrasive blasting, ensuring a uniform degree of surface finish throughout the project and with the highest percentage of abrasive grit recovery.