Automatic FBE Coating


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Automatic FBE field joint coating system.

In response to the demand for high productivity, quality and repeatability of processes, TESI designs and manufactures automated systems for the efficient application of anti-corrosive powder-applied epoxy coatings to welded field joints in pipeline construction.
Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) powder coatings are applied to the girth welded joint area either as a stand-alone coating system or as a primer layer in multi-layer polyolefin field joint coating systems.
TESI’s complete AutoCOAT system includes:

  • Automated Powder ring with FBE spray heads;
  • Powder mixing and dosing system (Fluid Bed) with embedded PLC;
  • Remote control;
  • Umbilical cable (powder hoses + electrical cables);
  • Induction heating system.

The application of FBE powder coatings involves pre-heating of the substrate to be coated by means of induction heating systems.
Once the pipe is heated to the required temperature, the automated Powder ring is lifted over the field joint area to be treated and secured around the pipe by means of pneumatic actuators.
The automated Powder ring at this point starts rotating back and forth in pre-selected cycles, according to the routine programmed on the PLC. The needed air-epoxy powder mixture is delivered via the connection tubes from the Fluid Bed to the spray heads and conveyed uniformly on the previously heated surface.
As soon as the powder reaches the metal surface at 240°C, it cures and solidifies within few seconds, creating a coating layer with uniform thickness (the desired dft: dry film thickness).


Product range

Technical advice and development of tailor-made solutions for your project

Automated clamp able, according to the routine programmed on the PLC, to rotate and uniformly dispense the air-epoxy powder mixture running the pre-selected duty cycle.

High productivity, quality and repeatability of processes

Systems designed to apply FBE coatings, ensuring uniform thickness and minimum dispersion in the environment at every execution.